Swim Team Prep

Mental training and proper technique! 

Swim Team Prep

Mental training and proper technique!


In this class students are aspiring swim team members and experienced swimmers seeking additional coaching. In this dynamic class, students refine all strokes, master walls, starts, timing, and speed. Prior stroke proficiency is required. Experience a fast-paced environment where mental training is emphasized to maintain impeccable technique at race speed. Students take their swimming to new heights and excel in competition.

Our Method is built on proven techniques that empower students at any level to achieve remarkable goals. Whether you’ve acquired poor technique through previous lessons or self-teaching, Lifestyle Swimming Instruction resets your approach to swimming. Even elementary school students can reach this advanced level after progressing through our comprehensive program. 

When students graduate from this class they: 


Overall goals for this class are to focus on mental training to hold the proper technique at race speed, athlete nutrition, and how to lift weights properly for a swim competitor.


Students have to know all drills for each stroke, swim each stroke, know how to do a starting dive and understand how to do flip turns and open turns.

Make a splash with Lifestyle Swimming Instruction!

From beginner basics to advanced stroke refinement, we have a program for everyone.

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