Our Philosophy

"Most families waste thousands of hours on inadequate swim lessons only to witness their children struggling to get across the pool... This doesn't have to be you!"

Swimming should be the first sport we learn due to safety. Struggling to get to walls is not swimming. Building a strong foundation using the LSI Method establishes the framework for a successful self-sufficient swimmer. Our LSI Method uses drills that teaches technique for each skill where building blocks are instilled. The swimmers motor skills become automatic from one level to the next, enabling correct neuromuscular facilitation.

LSI gives students at any age or ability the tools they need to not just be safe in the water, but to understand the water and actually swim properly from the beginning of teaching. This will boost confidence they need to succeed both in and out of the water.

Our children are our investments. Many parents want to have their children learn quickly how to get around the pool so they can enjoy and relax in the sun, only to witness they are not really swimming, but struggling from one end to the other. Quickly learning the basics of swimming does not teach children to think critically in all water situations, but just to survive to get themselves out of the water. Swimming well takes time and repetition. Swimming cannot be taught in 10 minute classes.

Let LSI take you and your family through a swim journey. You will learn to love the water and it will help you physically, emotionally and mentally. Proper swimming brings many positives,
including the following:

• Less stress knowing your children really know how to swim at a young age
• Lower drowning rates
• Increased confidence
• Improved health and fitness
• Reduction of injuries
• Proper form and good habits for competition

The vision for Lifestyle Swimming Instruction emerged from Susanne witnessing many swim lessons before she had her children and watching what was taught in swimming over 20 years ago in her children’s swim lessons. Her mission to create the LSI Method to help students of all ages to not just survive to get across the pool, but actually understand the why’s and how’s of the water and how it works with your “whole” body. Susanne is currently helping this next generation value the way swimming is taught from her and expand her LSI Method of swimming
in all parts of the world.