My Story


My journey with swimming has been quite unlike most. As a child, I never learned how to swim, which left me feeling like I was missing out on a significant aspect of life’s enjoyment. However, I refused to let this childhood weakness define me, and as an adult, I turned it into one of my greatest strengths.

Drawing upon my background in education, I embarked on a journey to master the art of swimming. I delved into what worked and what didn’t, meticulously crafting lesson plans that would guide others through the process of learning to swim effectively.

Through teaching at various facilities, I honed my skills and expertise, but it was in 2005 that my vision truly came to life. We built our own swimming facility, a place where individuals of all ages could come to learn and thrive in the water.

My three children, influenced by my passion for swimming, became competitive swimmers themselves. They grew up surrounded by the pool, not only mastering the sport but also becoming instructors alongside me. Together, we formed Lifestyle Swimming Instruction, a renowned swim business in the Treasure Valley.

Over the past two decades, I’ve immersed myself in the world of swimming, learning from national and Olympic swimmers and coaches. Drawing from these experiences, I crafted my own unique lesson plans, refining them over years of practice and observation.

Beyond teaching beginners, I expanded my reach, conducting clinics for competitive swimmers and adults at every skill level.

This journey culminated in the writing of my book, aptly titled “Lifestyle Swimming Instruction,” a comprehensive guide to mastering the art and technique of swimming.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to turn a childhood weakness into a lifelong passion and profession. From humble beginnings to a thriving business, my dedication to swimming has not only enriched my life but also empowered countless others to discover the joy of swimming


I am incredibly passionate about revolutionizing the way swimming is taught. Through my LSI Swim Method, I’ve seen firsthand the shortcomings in traditional approaches that often prioritize getting across the pool over building strong foundational skills. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to retraining muscle

memory and instilling proper technique in my students.
Launching certifications for the LSI Swim Method in the summer of 2024 is a significant milestone for me. It’s not just about teaching people how to swim; it’s about equipping instructors with the tools and knowledge to impart these essential skills effectively. By spreading the word about my method and offering
certifications, I hope to catalyze a shift in how swimming is taught, ensuring that every swimmer learns with precision and safety in mind.
I’m excited to see the impact that the LSI Swim Method will have on the swimming community, and I’m committed to continually refining and promoting it to make a positive difference in the world of swimming education.


Lifestyle Swimming Instruction, LLC.