My Story

I was born to make noise!

I actually told my parents that one day when I was in 2nd grade. Little did I know my life wasgoing to be filled with a lot of “pool noise!”

You might be surprised to hear I didn’t intend to become a swim business entrepreneur! I grew up in a non-swimming world. My family had more fear of water then knowing how to swim. We did, however, have a strong background in education. I followed the teaching path in elementary education, but it led to a path much different then the rest of my family. After discovering I needed to fill this void of swimming, I went on a swim lesson journey like no other.
With so much fear of the water, swim lessons were not part of my growing up years. My first lesson was in high school at 14 years old, which only last a few times. I took lessons again in college and a few other places while raising my own children, only to discover this void was still present. I soon came to the realization that there was no set way to teach swimming and there is this common misunderstanding of how to understand how to teach. I can tell you I learned
more of how not to teach than to teach.

The path I started on was never a part of my plan while raising kids, but I guess it was chosen for me. I had to understand water to overcome my fear. I discovered what to do and what not to do, with that and the knowledge of how to teach I have combined both into my lesson planning.

I made sure my three children had a different path than me. Not knowing how to swim at a young age really makes you miss out on a lot of fun in life. They all three became competitive swimmers between 5-8 years of age and swam into college. I assisted in a high school swim team, after my Master’s coach inspired me. I shadowed collegiate, national level and olympic swimmers by doing clinics and helping out in any way.

Lifestyle Swimming Instruction was born in 2005 and is the only swim program around that specializes in teaching all ages, helping students overcome aqua phobia, instills water knowledge teaching them safety and technique together, works with competitive swimmers to cut times and encourages all adults to come out of their fear of water or retrain their brain from being taught the wrong way. You will learn to swim or swim better with our LSI Method!


Lifestyle Swimming Instruction, LLC.