LSI Skills #4

Endurance and speed!

LSI Skills #4

Endurance and speed!


In this class we start working on endurance and speed, since technique is already engrained in the students by this level. In this class, students start treading with hands up and out of the water. We review all previous competitive strokes and start practicing warm-ups, lap swimming and flip turns.

Our Method in this level focuses on creating strong form from the beginning, while building confidence in the water. Swimmers start becoming noticeably fluid in this class level. Technique, timing, rhythm, confidence and speed are just a few things that this level shows the results of our LSI Method.

When students graduate from this class they: 


Overall goals for this class are to start working on endurance and speed, treading with holding weight, lap swimming for all strokes, flip turns, open turns, streamline, pull-out, and starting dives.


Students who have gone through and graduated from all previous levels here at LSI.  Students who know their freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke drills and dolphin kick may enter this class.

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