LSI Skills #2

Navigating all depths!

LSI Skills #2

Navigating all depths!


In this class students will be reviewing what was taught in LSI Skills #1 and then start understanding how to navigate around the entire pool regardless of pool depth or any body of water.  They will begin having more body awareness, coordination and mindfulness in all depths of water.

Our LSI Method believes the most important elements of swimming are safety first, the understanding of the water, breathing correctly, and learning technique the correct way from the beginning.  As each stroke is taught and understood, speed can be introduced, so no injuries occur. 

There is so much more to swimming than just propelling yourself using your limbs.

When students graduate from this class they: 


Overall goals of this class are the understanding of how to dive for objects in 3-5 feet, tread in all depths of water by themself, understand all drills for freestyle, swim freestyle, do deep bobs, jump off diving board, do sitting, kneeling and standing dives.


They will need to know how to go from their front to their back and do their elementary backstroke.  If they have mastered all requirements for the LSI Skills #1 they can enter this class.

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