LSI Adult Masters

Perfect your technique!

LSI Adult Masters

Perfect your technique! 


In this class adult students can be past competitive swimmers or swimmers who need to start perfecting their lap swimming for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly. By request, students can learn snorkeling, open-water swimming and rescue swimming.

Our method combines technical swimming with the mind-body focus of cardio and resistance training.  This proper swimming technique improves posture, body alignment, teaching you to breathe properly, learning the correct muscle memory making our bodies fluid and graceful in the water, and never struggling in the water again.

When students graduate from this class they: 


The overall goals for this class are for the student to feel confident to swim laps, tread consistently without getting tired, swim freestyle, backstroke and if they want to learn breaststroke and butterfly they can.  Swimmers will also feel confident in their dives.


This is an adult only class.  Students do need to know their freestyle and backstroke before entering this class.

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