LSI Baby Beginnings

This is their foundation to understand swimming!

LSI Baby Beginnings

This is their foundation to understand swimming!


In this class parent and child class, babies and toddlers learn the rules of the pool. They work on muscle memory with songs and props with good technique and start grasping an understanding of how their bodies work in the water.

LSI is a firm believer in teaching babies to not go into any body of water without their parent/guardian or teacher. We teach them how to relax their bodies and not fight the water to get across the pool.

Our Method gives parents the essential skills to teach their babies the number one rule: Do not enter the water without their parent. Babies learn to respect, love and be fluid in the water at a very young age.

When toddlers graduate from this class they: 


The overall goals of this class are teaching the parents and babies how to enter a pool safely, teaching babies and toddlers to understand the boundaries of being around water by never going into the water without a parent or guardian, climb out of the pool, jump in, go under water correctly and walk in 2 feet of water.


A Parent or guardian is required to hold their baby in this class.  Students can graduate from this class before 3 years old if they have no parent separation issues, master walking in the water, going under correctly and understanding pool rules.

Common Questions

Yes! For our Baby Beginnings class it is required that a parent or guardian accompany the child in the pool. 

We do offer different level classes at the same time, so all your children and you can be in the water at the same time. We do have an enclosed playroom, but children here do need to be watched at all times. Please do not let them do things on their own so equipment is not ruined here at LSI.

We begin our parent and child swimming classes with babies as young as 6 months old. There are many benefits that babies receive during these lessons. Babies less than a year old accept the water more readily than older children. Fear or anxiety about water is acquired as children grow older. The longer the baby is kept away from water, the more likely the child will develop this fear or anxiety.

All children under the age of 3, or children that are not potty-trained must wear (1) a disposable SWIM diaper and (2) a reusable swim diaper with SNUG elastic around waist and legs while swimming. If you do not already have a reusable swim diaper, we have all sizes available for purchase. All SWIM disposable diapers are available in their size at any department/grocery stores. We have experimented with either or both and having both is the best for both the parents and the pool! Keeping our pool clean is one of the things LSI takes pride in. When there is an accident in the pool we have to close the pool down for a day and the cost is over $100.00 to bring it back up to cleanliness for all to swim again. This is over a 6 hour cleaning process, along with taking the time to reschedule, with all classes and instructors.

Keeping our pool clean is one of the things LSI takes pride in. For safety reasons, if we have a fecal accident in the pool, we have to close the pool down for a day. The cost is over $300.00 to bring it back up to cleanliness for all to swim again. This is over a 6 hour cleaning process. Make ups for accidents in the pool are extremely difficult to schedule. There is no guarantee of a make up, since the cost is so high with cleaning products, and paying instructors to stay and clean during the time they were supposed to teach.

No chemicals are added to the pool on a daily basis except for muriatic acid which is used to adjust the pH of the water. This is an industry standard to maintain pH. This is done after the close of the day.
For the weekly deep cleaning of the pool water, a non-chlorine organic oxidizer is used which again is an industry standard for a saltwater pool. Even though the manufacturer of the non-chlorine organic oxidizer recommends swimming 15 minutes after the application, we wait 12 hours before swimming in the pool.
We at LSI are not only concerned with the health of our clients but also the health of my family and instructors as we spend many hours in the pool daily.

All children are different. Some will come to swim lessons with no inhibitions about water and just need skills training. Other children will come to swim lessons with some anxiety about the water or putting their face in the water. We do give homework and the ones who practice what we teach improve at a faster pace than the ones who do not.

Please check out our FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer to your question there then please email us at

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