Lessons for all!


LSI Baby Beginnings

Fearless and skilled young swimmers emerge from our class, mastering pool rules, technique, and water body awareness. Setting a solid foundation and building confidence in the water.


LSI Skills #1

Unlock aquatic confidence and skills in any depth of water in our dynamic introductory class mastering submersion, diving, floating, gliding and Elementary Backstroke.


LSI Skills #2

Master water dynamic and achieve fluidity. Successfully navigating any depth of water while perfecting initial stroke progression, treading water, and unlocking confidence in diving.

LSI Skills #3

Build muscle memory with repetitive drills and the knowledge of body flow and stroke progression, mastering the confidence in starting dive routines and proficiency in treading water.

LSI Skills #4

Obtain solid stroke foundations with excellent technical training. Students will utilize all pool equipment and continue focused mental training with proper drills and repetition.

LSI Swim Team Prep

This class is for learning to prevent injuries, build strength in and out of the pool, manage competitive stress and sustain proper form while building up to race speeds.


LSI Adult Foundations

It is never too late to overcome fear of the water and learn to swim correctly. Let’s unlearn bad technique and incorporate the new, giving you the proper skills for the rest of your life.


LSI Masters

Let’s hop in the pool to refine and master your lap swimming for your freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke or butterfly. Other types of swimming available upon request.

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Private Lessons

One on one instruction tailored to your specific skill level.

Make a splash with Lifestyle Swimming Instruction!

From beginner basics to advanced stroke refinement, we have a program for everyone.

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