LSI Adult Foundations

Never too late to learn to properly swim!

LSI Adult Foundations

Never too late to learn to properly swim! 


This class is designed for older teenagers to adults of any age that either have a huge fear of the water, are self taught or taught incorrectly how to swim. Even if you have never put a foot in the water, we will separate you by ability so each student can go at their own pace and get over their aquaphobia with strategic help.

Our Method was designed from the noticeable inconsistencies taught from place to place, which leads to developing incorrect technique in the majority of swimmers. If poor technique has been learned, whether by previous lessons or by “doing it on your own,” LSI resets your thinking and the way you look at swimming. This in turn allows students at any level to progress and learn to swim correctly for the rest of their lives.

When students graduate from this class they: 


Overall goal is for all adults to overcome any fear of the water and to understand the water more in their adult years to swim laps better.


There are no requirements for this class.

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